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2 et 3 FEVRIER 2023 : XXXIèmes CIL Skin Science Days


By Marie-Christine Di Murro mai 30, 2022


Titre : Exposome: a Healthy life for a Healthy skin

Session 1: Exposome and environment
Environnement and skin barrier function: the gate door to inflammation
Audrey NOSBAUM – INSERM U1111-CIRI, Université Lyon 1, HCL, Lyon Sud

Dermatological impact of particulate matter from pollution: facts, mechanisms and protection
Laurent MARROT – L’Oréal

Walid RACHIDI – CEA Grenoble

Neryl acetate, the major component of Corsican Helichrysum Italicum essential oil, mediates its biological activities on skin barrier
Géraldine LEMAIRE – L’Occitane

Session 2: Exposome and way of life
Exposome and skin aging
Thierry PASSERON – CHU Nice

Luc AGUILAR – Laboratoires Vichy – L’Oreal Advanced Research


Session 3: Exposome and innate factors/hormones

Influence of environment on the health of children, example of endocrine disruptors
Aurélie PORTEFAIX – HCL, Lyon Sud

Understanding the consequences of the exposome on skin microbiota
Aïna QUEIROZ – Seqens

In vitro compartmentalized microfluidic devices, innovative models to evaluate the impact of exposome on skin
Alexandre GUICHARD – Netri

Session 4: Exposome and young researchers
Effects of the stress-inducing hormone epinephrine on epidermal keratinocytes
Eri KAWASHIMA – Kose Corporation

Pandemic stress and the role of sustained cortisol exposure in scalp samples promoting inammatory cytokine dysregulation
Pauline PAYEN – CTIBiotech/Mibelle Biochemistry

How the skin microbiota regulates the effects of UV on the skin
Vijay Kumar PATRA – INSERM U1111-CIRI, Université Lyon 1


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