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  • 20th and 21st May 2021: Cosmet'in Lyon Skin Science Days

    The Cosmet’in Lyon Skin Science Days will take place in 2021 and will be entitled  How clinical experience highlights skin biology mechanisms

    For each session, the speakers will have to respond to the theme of the congress from a research, clinical and industrial point of view

    Inflammation / Immunology
    Sensitive skin: how clinical experience highlights skin biology mechanisms
    Pr Laurent MISERY – CHU de Brest

    From the fundamental to the clinic: how in vitro models can highlight the pathophysiology of inflammatory skin diseases
    Pr Jean-Claude LECRON – LITEC (Laboratoire Inflammation, Tissus épithéliaux et Cytokines)

    Skin regeneration / Scarring / Stem cells

    Dr Nicolas FORTUNEL – CEA/DRF/IBFJ/IRCM – Université Paris-Saclay

    Electric field to modulate cutaneous cell behavior and matrix remodeling
    Dr Laure GIBOT – IMRCP UMR5623


    Aging / Hyperpigmentation
    In vitro modeling of skin aging with progeria cells: paradigms and paradox
    Dr Xavier NISSAN – I-Stem

    Mechanobiology in skin aging
    Dr Chloé FERAL – IRCAN (Institute for Research on Cancer and Aging)

    Interplay between epidermal and immune cells in vitiligo
    Pr Julien SENESCHAL – INSERM U1035 Immuno-Dermatologie ATIP-AVENIR

    Amélie THEPOT – LabSkin Creations

    Pauline VIEUGUÉ – Blanpain Lab – Université de Bruxelles

    Clinical intervention and new technologies
    Stem cells and their derivative to improve skin graft in severely burned patients
    Pr Sébastien BANZET – Institut de Recherche Biomédicale des Armées INSERM UMRS-MD 1197 Centre de Transfusion sanguine des Armées

    The antimicrobial effects of cold atmospheric plasma and its application in the in vitro and in vivo models of cutaneous tissue repair
    Dr Nadira FRESCALINE – Laboratoire de Physique des Plasmas, École Polytechnique, Institut de Recherche Biomédicale des Armées, INSERM UMRS-MD 1197, Centre de Transfusion Sanguine des Armées

    Sébastien CADAU – BASF Beauty Care Solutions

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