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Laboratories of tests and clinical experiment



    Laurent BUFFAT
    30 rue Pré Gaudry
    69007 LYON
    T : 04 26 84 69 63
    F : 09 57 49 03 01

    Expert in biological and medical data analysis thanks to the use of homemade and state of the art methods with a unique goal: bring biological answers to biological questions.

    Our activity consists in:

    • Data generation for genomics and transcriptomics studies (microarray, RNASeq,…);
    • Biological data analysis with unsupervised and statistical approaches (PCA, hierarchical clustering, heat-maps, ad-hoc statistical models, genesets enrichment,…);
    • Use of artificial intelligence approaches (ie. Machine-learning) to identify biomarkers and/or predictive patterns;
    • Biological interpretation to elucidate the meaning of the statistical outputs within the context of the experimental study;
    • Provision of interactive tools helping you to get insight from your results.

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    Guillaume TENCAS
    1bis Rue des Plantes
    86160 GENCAY
    T : 05 49 36 11 37
    F : 05 49 53 10 29

    Contract Research Organization specialized in in vitro / ex vivo efficacy assays for ingredients and cosmetic or dermatological products.

    Bioalternatives offers a portfolio of 400 standard assays (anti-ageing, hydratation, pigmentation, inflammation, sun protection, seboregulation, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, acne, wound healing, etc.) and provides services for innovative projects (technology development and transfer, model development, protocol validation, etc.)



    Florentin ORY
    16 rue Félix Mangini
    69009 LYON

    In order to meet the many challenges of clinical trials, DATACAPT is offering an intuitive, innovative and responsive digital platform, which enables all of your clinical trials to be managed.

    The different modules: eConsent, eConsult, ePRO and eCRF offer the possibility to conduct on-site or decentralized clinical studies, providing the answer to the problems of patient recruitment, investigator availability and organization of remote studies outside the traditional sites. It ensures patient follow-up and engagement to the study.

    Developed in collaboration with clinical trial specialists (CROs, Groups, MedTech and Hospitals), our platform significantly accelerates clinical research. It guarantees 100% security (HDS certified) and is compliant with the regulatory requirements in effect (21 CFR Part 11, GDPR, ICH GCP…).



    Agnès LAVOIX
    Espace Lamartine
    9 Avenue Victor Hugo
    T : 04 28 38 38 10
    F : 04 28 38 38 11

    Centre de recherche clinique



    Alain ALONSO
    4 rue Alexander Fleming
    69366 LYON Cedex 07
    T : 04 37 28 72 00
    F : 04 37 28 72 28

    Conception, développement, production et vente de tissus reconstruits, évaluation vitro de la sécurité et de l’efficacité



    Anne SIRVENT
    114 Boulevard du 11 Novembre 1918
    T : 04 72 82 36 56
    F : 04 78 89 60 48

    Eurofins Dermscan is the reference in clinical trials of cosmetics and pharmaceutical products since 1990. Certified ISO 9001:2015, Eurofins Dermscan assesses the safety, tolerance, efficacy and sensory characteristics of the following products:

    • Raw materials
    • Cosmetics
    • Dermocosmetics
    • Cosmetic fabric
    • Appliances (massagers, depilators,…)
    • Medical Devices
    • Biocides
    • Food supplements for Health and Beauty
    • Drugs

    Eurofins Dermscan is recognised for its expertise and the quality of its services through the know-how of its medical team and its R&D department. Eurofins Dermscan laboratories are at the cutting edge of technology and guarantee the implementation of specific and innovative protocols in complete safety and in compliance with regulations.

    Thanks to facilities in France (Lyon and Aix-en-provence), Poland, Tunisia, Thailand, Mauritius and international partnerships worldwide within Eurofins Cosmetics & Personal Care, we perform preclinical in vitro tests in our GLP-certified laboratory and provide multi-ethnic panels for standard or complex multiparametric studies.




    Sébastien MIKSA
    44 rue Léon Blum
    60100 CREIL

    HelioScreen is a laboratory specialized for more than 20 years in the in vitro evaluation of sun protection in cosmetic products.

    With its strong involvement for international regulation and a continuous improvement of test methods, our laboratory is involved within various normative groups such as ISO, CEN, AFNOR and many others.

    We offer screening, innovative and official tests to assess the sun protection of your products (SPF, UVAPF, CW, Water Resistance, Sand Resistance, Rub Resistance, Long Lasting, Full Spectrum, Infrared, Blue Light…), substrates and equipment (Helioplates HD6 Molded PMMA, Helioplates SB6 Sandblasted PMMA, robotic spreading device HD-SPREADMASTER and temperature control device HD-THERMASTER) and support (theorical and practical training sessions, technical support and advice).

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