8 OCTOBRE 2020 : Rencontre virtuelle de la SFC à Lyon

Cosmet’in Lyon et la SFC organisent la 15ème Rencontre virtuelle de la SFC à Lyon le jeudi 8 octobre à partir de 16h00 :

Etude psychophysiologique d’un fond de teint contenant des pigments fonctionnalisés issus de la technologie  MAESTRACOLORS ® +
Emmanuelle COUVAL – Directeur R&D et Innovation MSBEAUTiLAB

MakeUp Beauty, pourquoi et comment intégrer du soin dans du maquillage
Valérie ANDRE – R&D Scouting & Communication BASF Beauty Care Solutions
For female consumers in particular, skin and beauty care has acquired a holistic value that is strongly aligned with personal confidence – as well as looking healthy and feeling comfortable. Consumers increasingly expect makeup products to demonstrate skin care benefits such as hydration, radiance, or UV and air pollution protection, too. In response to this trend, BASF is working on its extensive bioactive portfolio to allow for easier use in makeup applications.