20 et 21 MAI 2021 : XXXèmes Virtual Cosmet’in Lyon Skin Science Days

European Dermocosmetology Days become Cosmet’in Lyon Skin Science Days. The conference will be held in English.

The event will be virtual only.

Titre : How clinical experience highlights skin biology mechanisms
For each session, the speakers will have to respond to the theme of the congress from a research, clinical and industrial point of view

The contribution of skin microbiota to the pathogenesis of skin inflammatory diseases
Pr Richard GALLO – University of California, San Diego

Inflammation / Immunologie
Sensitive skin: how clinical experience highlights skin biology mechanisms
Pr Laurent MISERY – CHU de Brest

From the fundamental to the clinic: how in vitro models can highlight the pathophysiology of inflammatory skin diseases
Pr Jean-Claude LECRON – LITEC (Laboratoire Inflammation, Tissus épithéliaux et Cytokines) – Université de Poitiers

Cutaneous side effects of tyrosine kinase inhibitors
Georgios STAMATAS – Johnson & Johnson Santé Beauté France

Effect of Titrated Extract of Centella asiatica on skin repair process
Elsa HERNANDEZ – Seppic

Immunity to commensal skin fungi promotes psoriasiform skin inflammation
Charlotte HURABIELLE – National Institutes of Health

Régénération cutanée / Cicatrisation / Stem cells

Deciphering cellular heterogeneity in human epidermal keratinocyte precursor cells and dermal fibroblasts
Dr Nicolas FORTUNEL – Laboratoire de Génomique et Radiobiologie de la Kératinopoïèse (LGRK) – CEA/DRF/IBFJ/IRCM – Université Paris-Saclay

Electric field to modulate cutaneous cell behavior and matrix remodeling
Dr Laure GIBOT – IMRCP UMR5623

C. elegans cell reprogramming: from skin to neuron
Dr Sophie JARRIAULT – IGBMC (Institut de Génétique et de Biologie Moléculaire et Cellulaire) – CNRS UMR 7104, INSERM U1258, Université de Strasbourg

Skin Science : Industrial Perspective
Laurent APERT and Marielle BOUSCHBACHER – Urgo

Glycation by glyoxal leads to profound changes in the behavior of dermal fibroblasts
Cécile GUILLON – LBTI (Laboratoire de Biologie Tissulaire et d’Ingénierie Thérapeutique) / Urgo

Vieillissement / Hyperpigmentation
In vitro modeling of skin aging with progeria cells: paradigms and paradox
Dr Xavier NISSAN – I-Stem

Mechanobiology in skin aging
Dr Soline ESTRACH – IRCAN (Institute for Research on Cancer and Aging)

Interplay between epidermal and immune cells in vitiligo
Pr Julien SENESCHAL – INSERM U1035 Immuno-Dermatologie ATIP-AVENIR

Development of a new functional skin age spots model with individualized hyperpigmentation lesion through high resolution 3-dimensional patterned bioprinting and its use for active ingredient evaluation
Morgan DOS SANTOS – LabSkin Creations / François LEJEUNE – Chanel Parfums Beauté

Tracing tumour initiation in real time by live imaging
Pauline VIEUGUÉ – Blanpain Lab – Université de Bruxelles

Interventions cliniques et nouvelles technologies
Stem cells and their derivative to improve skin graft in severely burned patients
Pr Sébastien BANZET – Institut de Recherche Biomédicale des Armées INSERM UMRS-MD 1197 Centre de Transfusion sanguine des Armées

Cold atmospheric plasma promotes killing of Staphylococcus aureus by macrophages
Dr Nadira FRESCALINE – Institut de Recherche Biomédicale des Armées, INSERM UMRS-MD 1197, Centre de Transfusion Sanguine des Armées / École Polytechnique Palaiseau / Institut Pasteur, Département de Microbiologie

Dual immune contribution of cutaneous microbiota and macrophages: application to atopic dermatitis
Sébastien CADAU – BASF Beauty Care Solutions

Ex-vivo sebaceous gland models for modern cosmetics evaluation
Anne-Laure DESROCHES – CTIBiotech

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