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Large group of people.
Cosmet’in Lyon aims to promote and share the latest scientific advancements in dermocosmetology. This is why we offer the opportunity for anyone to join our association. By becoming a member, you can access a range of advantages:
Free participation
in SFC and FEBEA meetings, events we partner with.
Free Cosmet’in Club webinar
Cosmet’in Lyon hosts the Cosmet’in Club, a quarterly thematic webinar that is free and open to all our members.
Reduced-cost participation
in events we organize, such as Cosmetotest, CIL Skin Science Days, and thematic workshops.
CV library
For students, PhD candidates, and job seekers, our website includes a CV database that provides visibility to potential employers.
Visibility on our website and social networks
We promise to showcase a monthly spotlight on your company/activity, accentuating and endorsing your initiatives.
Additionally, we will give special prominence to job and internship openings as well as event announcements.
We also commit to sharing your updates on LinkedIn and within our newsletter, which reaches over 5000 subscribers.
In summary, joining Cosmet’in Lyon means:
connections with new partners
in major scientific events
internationally renowned researchers
to the scientific advancement of cosmetology

2024 Pricing

Self-employed / Private dermatologist
100 € EXCL. VAT
120 € INCL. VAT
Companies from 2 to 9 employees
130 € EXCL. TAX
156 € INCL. VAT
Companies from 10 to 49 employees
195 € EXCL. TAX
234 € INCL. VAT
Companies from 50 to 99 employees
325 € EXCL. TAX
390 € INCL. VAT
Companies from 100 to 249 employees
455 € EXCL. TAX
546 € INCL. VAT
Companies from 250 to 499 employees
520 € EXCL. TAX
624 € INCL. VAT
Companies over 500 employees
650 € EXCL. TAX
780 € INCL. VAT
Public/parapublic sector organization
130 € EXCL. TAX
156 € INCL. VAT
Education and training schools
130 € EXCL. TAX
156 € INCL. VAT
60 € INCL. VAT
Student/Doctor/unemployed (please enclose proof)
20 € INCL. VAT

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