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Acobiom expert in genomics and microbiomics

Activen is a swiss company spécialized in the development of Miniproteins as cosmetic active ingredients

Supplier of ionized and mineralized water for the dermo-cosmetic industry under the brand name Advanced Water S-100, an active and excipient with unique and innovative properties

Creation and distribution of cosmetic products

Recruitment consulting for Managers, Experts and Directors in the Cosmetics field, from the conception, manufacturing to the launch to retailers.

  • Long term results commitment
  • Strong networking culture
  • International presence


Contract cosmetics subcontractor: formulation, manufacturing and packaging

Expert in biological and medical data analysis thanks to the use of homemade and state of the art methods with a unique goal: bring biological answers to biological questions.


Regulatory support (REACH, CLP, Cosmetic, Biocidal product, PPP … Regulations).
PIF, SDS, labelling, product conformity …

Clay mining and processing

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Attests takes charge of the various stages involved in carrying out studies: recruiting volunteers for clinical and cosmetic tests, recruiting consumers, carrying out qualitative studies and study logistics.

Regulatory and scientific support to companies offering cosmetics

Research, development, production and marketing of cosmetic ingredients dedicated to skin care.
Technological know-how: active ingredients, vectorization technology, tissue engineering

Production of natural and biobased ingredients

QIMA Life Sciences offer assays ranging from in silico screening to clinical imaging, as well as in vitro and ex vivo assays and non-invasive clinical sample bioanalysis. QIMA Life Sciences...