29 et 30 MAI 2024 : Symposium sur les tests cliniques et précliniques en cosmétique à Lyon

Cosmetin Lyon and Skinobs organize the 3rd edition of the clinical and preclinical testing symposium on May 29 and 30, 2024 at ENS Monod.

Clinical themes on May 29 (8:30am-6:30pm) :

  • Cool effect and thermal dynamics of the skin
  • Biomechanical properties : skin and hair
  • Repair and well-being: skin and scalp

Clinical themes on May 30 (8:30am-5:30pm) :

  • Safety : from toxicology to sensitization
  • What is the parallel between cosmetics and nutraceuticals in preclinical evaluation ?
  • Environmental conditions of cultures

Session 1: Cool effect and warming
Measurement techniques for skin temperature measurement
Jean-Jacques SERVANT I A4ct

Evaluation of a cooling effect:  assessment and comparison between a face care and home use devices
Clara GIBIELLE I Clarins

Session 2: Biomechanical properties : Skin & Hair

Contact and non-contact measurements of the biomechanical properties of the skin: understanding and relevance of parameters for investigating the effect of cosmetic products

When strength and resilience of hair diverge
Leïla BERRICHE I Henkel

Decoding skin tightness:  From a clinical evidence to an instrumental and biological proof of sensorial stimulation perception

The remarkable biomechanical properties of hair
Trefor Evans I TRI Princeton

Session 3: Repair and well-being: skin and scalp
Biorevitalization and its effect on skin quality
Ferial FANIAN I Laboratoires Fillmed

Well-being and cosmetics: a review of the assessment methodologies.

Skin repair assessments methods
Sophie MAC-MARY I Skinexigence

ExhibitorsAbich Lifeanalytics I Ambiotis I Byome Labs I Complife I Cortex Technology I Damae Medical I Dermaclaim I Dr Goya Analisis I Eotech I Eurofins Dermscan Genoscreen I Helioscreen I Inovapotek I Intertek I Microfactory I Miravex I Novitom Orion Concept I PhD Trials I Pixience I SciBase SP Equation I Zurko Research

Session 1: Safety: from toxicology to sensitization
NAMs (New Alternatives Methods) in chemical sensitization: from science to risk-assessment
Marc PALLARDY I Université Paris-Saclay

Next Generation Risk Assessment (NGRA) for skin sensitization: the journey towards the current framework and its application to case studies
Nathalie ALÉPÉE I L’Oréal

Overview of in vitro regulatory toxicology tests for safety evaluation of cosmetics : from irritation to sensitization
Frédéric NUNZI I SGS Idea Lab

Session 2: What parallel between Cosmetics & Nutraceuticals in preclinical evaluation
What parallel between Cosmetics & Nutraceuticals in preclinical evaluation
Vincent DANI I ExAdEx-Innov

Innovative natural health products : from screening to nutri-cosmetic applications
Florence CHEZET I UMR 1019 INRAE Unité Nutrition Humaine, Equipe Ecrein, Université Clermont Auvergne

Skin: a common target for Cosmetics and Nutritionals Ingredients
Marisa MELONI and Marilita MAZZARELLI I Vitroscreen

Session 3: Variation of the environment conditions of the cultures
2D and 3D In Vitro Skin Models: A Promising Tool for Evaluating the Anti-Inflammatory Properties of Cosmetic Ingredients and Products

I LabSkin Creation

Preserving skin oxygenation: a novel challenge in in vitro testing

Exhibitors: Abich Lifeanalytics I Byome Labs I Cortex Technology CTIBiotech I Damae Medical I Dermaclaim I Dr Goya Analisis I Helioscreen Innov&Sea Intertek I Microfactory I Miravex I Novitom I PhD Trials I Pixience I PK Derm I Promega I SciBase I Senzagen


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