Laurent BUFFAT

30 rue Pré Gaudry
69007 LYON

04 26 84 69 63
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Expert in biological and medical data analysis thanks to the use of homemade and state of the art methods with a unique goal: bring biological answers to biological questions.

Our activity consists in:

  • la génération de données génomiques/transcriptomiques (microarray, RNASeq,…) ;
  • Biological data analysis with unsupervised and statistical approaches (PCA, hierarchical clustering, heat-maps, ad-hoc statistical models, genesets enrichment,…);
  • Use of artificial intelligence approaches (ie. Machine-learning) to identify biomarkers and/or predictive patterns;
  • Biological interpretation to elucidate the meaning of the statistical outputs within the context of the experimental study;
  • Provision of interactive tools helping you to get insight from your results.

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