Stéphanie MOULIN

13 rue Marietton
69009 LYON

04 82 53 90 18
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Equitox, your product safety partner!

With regulatory eco/toxicology as an entry point (REACh, cosmetics, CLP, biocides…), Equitox supports you in every step of your corporate life where the notion of product safety is of the essence.

Our key areas of intervention allow you to:

  • Anticipate the regulation and support its implementation: We monitor regulatory developments, analyse future modifications and their consequences for your business activities, help you comply with regulatory requirements…
  • To be accompanied during changes: Regulation is constantly evolving. We advise you on the directions which should be taken in accordance with evolving regulations and your business development. We explain the regulatory consequences of your strategic and business decisions. We assist you with the implementation of regulatory changes… We assist you with the implementation of regulatory changes…
  • Find the right products for the right markets: As knowledge of chemicals is more comprehensive and accurate, the regulatory consequences are more immediate. We help you integrate this knowledge into your R&D projects.
  • Satisfy customers: Customer relationships are at the heart of your concerns, but a regulatory framework is restricting your actions: use this to your advantage! We are here to turn regulatory constraints into an asset and selling point, and establish strong relationships with supervisory authorities.