Sébastien MIKSA

44 rue Léon Blum
60100 CREIL

Public research laboratories


HelioScreen is a laboratory specialized for more than 20 years in the in vitro evaluation of sun protection in cosmetic products.

With its strong involvement for international regulation and a continuous improvement of test methods, our laboratory is involved within various normative groups such as ISO, CEN, AFNOR and many others.

We offer screening, innovative and official tests to assess the sun protection of your products (SPF, UVAPF, CW, Water Resistance, Sand Resistance, Rub Resistance, Long Lasting, Full Spectrum, Infrared, Blue Light…), substrates and equipment (Helioplates HD6 Molded PMMA, Helioplates SB6 Sandblasted PMMA, robotic spreading device HD-SPREADMASTER and temperature control device HD-THERMASTER) and support (theorical and practical training sessions, technical support and advice).